Importance Of Carbon In Our Life

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IMPORTANCE OF CARBON IN OUR ECOSYSTEM Introduction Even though we have various components that surrounds us and impact our day to day life, for me two components that standout are water and carbon. Out of this I would like to write about the importance of Carbon as one of the most important chemical that has a notable impact in our ecosystem. Carbon is found everywhere around us but like all other chemicals in our ecosystem only the right amount of it will lead to a sustainable ecosystem and anything that is more or less than what is required will lead to the damaging of earth and all the living creatures that occupy it and along with it, leading to the downfall of our ecosystem which will make living and nonliving things to perish. In this assignment we will go thought the importance of Carbon as a chemical and what is the impact that it would bring about to our ecosystem either when it falls too short or becomes excess than what is required. We would also be seeing what impact this will make in our daily lives and how we can prevent or reduce this impact, and what personal choices we as human beings should take in order for us to provide a sustainable ecosystem for our future generations. IMPORTANCE OF CARBON IN OUR ECOSYSTEM Carbon is considered to be one of the foundation molecules for all living things that exist in this world and hence it is also known as the fundamental component that makes up our ecosystem (Doršner, 2016, p. 49). Its name is primarily derived from
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