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In India, heart attacks is responsible for one third of overall deaths . Heart disease was once considered an old-age ailment but has now become a common lifestyle concern. When we are looking for best cardiologist for treatment of our loved ones, we often rely on the advice given by friends and relatives . The reputation of a cardiologist has an important factor in this regard along with his knowledge, education or qualification.The number of successful cases he has handled and treated is a very important factor. Here is a list of top ten cardiologists in Kolkata who have a good reputation and excellence in the field of cardiology.

Top 10 Best Cardiologists in Kolkata

Dr. Kunal Sarkar

Dr. Kunal Sarkar has earned the reputation as one of the best Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in Kolkata. Dr. Sarkar has the distinction of performing over 17,000 heart surgeries with an astounding success rate of more than 98%. Currently he is Vice Chairman & Senior Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the Medica Super Specialty Hospital, and leads the cardiac program in the hospital. He specializes in Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cardiovascular Surgery and performs various types of heart surgeries. He practices
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Dr Banerjee needs to be mentioned in the list of the top ten cardiologists of Kolkata as one of the pioneers of interventional cardiology. He currently functions as a director of cardiology in Medica Superspeciality Hospital and specializes in coronary angiography, coronaryangioplasty, renal angioplasty, percutaneous coronary intervention, peripheral angioplasty and peripheral angiography. He has experience in managing heart failure cases including implanting CRT device.

Address: Medica Superspeciality Hospital, 127, E.M Bypass, Mukundapur, Kolkata

Phone No: 033 6652 0000

Dr. Monotosh

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