Importance Of Career Change

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I remember when my career began with American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC). It was an exciting event in my life. I had previously been a struggling self-employed business owner that decided to make a career change late in life back to the corporate world. As I think back, even in the excitement of beginning a career with an industry leader in automotive financing, I secretly viewed myself as inadequate when compared to my co-workers. I questioned if I belonged, if I could live up to the expectations and if I was committed to the change. I knew I had the maturity, since I was older than the average entry level worker; however some of my technical and interpersonal skills were below expectation, or at least they were to me. During the next few years with AHFC, I was awarded various accomplishments, experiences and opportunities. I loved my job and my co-workers. I was committed to my career change and to take it as far as I could imagine. Up to this point I was on the right track, or so I thought. My ambitiousness became counterproductive and caused friction in my work ethic. I had a setback. The realization became evident when I was presented with more challenges than I knew how to resolve. I was at a crossroad. Was this what failure felt like? My plan was not coming to fruition. I thought I could blaze the trail before me and that everything would come easily in my favor, but a reality hit and it hit hard. I was not considered for promotion. WOW, what
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