Importance Of Career Decision Making Considerations

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Career decision-making considerations After increasing your level of self-awareness by examining your skills, interests, strengths and preferences that contribute positively to the achievement of your life, learning and work goals, you are well positioned to make an effective choice. Making important short term career decisions can also lead to developing an understanding of the wider range of options available to you, whether it is courses of study available, employers offering vacation work for students in your discipline of study or relevant graduate programs. As mentioned in the know your options section, expanding your list of options and being open to little known options is important in the career building process before you start to narrow your options and create a preferential hierarchy. Practical considerations Practical considerations need to…show more content…
• How far are you prepared to travel to get to work? Does the work involve travel? • How will you fund the unpaid life and learning activities such as study, volunteer work and non-paid work experience in order to establish yourself in a paid position or occupation? • How will society’s needs and functions impact on your preferred career future? What are the social, demographic, technological, occupation and industry trends that will impact on your future work and learning opportunities? • How will the trends in the labour force demographics of your preferred career future impact your future career plans? • What is your willingness to adopt strategies and take action that will eliminate gender, age and diversity bias and stereotyping? • How competitive is entry to your preferred study, vacation work or graduate

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