Importance Of Career Decision Making Essay

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1. Introduction

Career decision making is a process which will lead to personal and professional satisfaction of an individual. Some individual able to decide in making the right career easily but some encounter a lot difficulties on this. Hence, it is important to understand what are the factors related to career decision making difficulties (Gati, 1996). Career indecision occurs when someone facing challenges in the career decision making process (Germejis & Boeck, 2003).

The theory developed by Gati. Krausz and Osipow (1996) consist of three main categories of difficulties in making a career decision. Lack of readiness, lack of information and inconsistent information are the three key factors in this theory. Prior making any career decision, lack of readiness happen when a person is short of
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Impact of job satisfaction on career decision making difficulties

Locke (1976) found that job satisfaction is achieved when a person finds his or her working conditions to be favourable. According to Brown (2002), making the right career choice will determine the extent a person is able to achieve career and job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is the extent where people like about the job that they are currently holding (Spector, 1997). Lawler (1971) sees job satisfaction is a positive individual preference towards their job.

Gati. Krausz and Osipow (1996) suggests that the job content has a direct relationship with career decision making difficulties in providing right information to the individual in making a career decision. Making a career choice is a significant aspect of a person’s life. Having a contented career is the key factor for a person to seek meaningful life, in order to achieve self-fulfilment and life satisfaction. According to (Sokro, Agbola, Osei-Bonsu & Ankrah, 2011), when a person is satisfied in their career, they will have less difficulties in making a career choice as they like what they are doing and is clear on their career
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