Employee Career Development

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Career development has emerged to be one of the major strategic tools for organisational growth. In a dynamic industry like Information technology sector, career development has been a great concern to ensure that the employees obtain the required skills to accustom to any technological and global advancement. The objective of the study was to determine the effect of career development on employee satisfaction in IT firms in India. It was conducted in 5 IT firms of India. The data was collected through a questionnaire having two parts, i.e., assessing career development and measuring
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To implement career development, employees required well self-understanding and clear career goals and organisations are required to better communicate with employees. The well communication between organisations and employees reduce the turnover rate of employees and enhance the satisfaction and performance of employees. Hence, organisational career development not only provide resources for individual career planning, but also improved organisational commitment and employee job satisfaction.The relevance of career development to employee satisfaction lies in the fact that career development is an important outcome for assessing the effec¬tiveness of employees’ satisfaction. Career development practices have been broadly classified into four broad areas as skill development, skill assessment, incentive pay schemes and projects/ assignments from various literature reviews. Career development practices as independent variables leads to the outcome variable i.e. the dependent variable employee satisfaction which is assessed by using five items from the questions of Hackman & Oldham (1976) in their job characteristic…show more content…
Rezaean, Hatami and Dastar, (2012) found that there is a significant positive relationship between career management functions and career satisfaction. Shujaat et al., (2013) determined that there is positive relationship between career development and employee job satisfaction in banking sector. Employees are satisfied with career development activities that are offered at their organizations. Lee, (2000) found those organisations that invest in career management are more likely to increase employee’s satisfaction. Positive relation between organisational support on career development and career management with career satisfaction. Career management behaviours reconcile the relationship between proactive personality and career satisfaction (Barnett and Bradley, 2007). Monis and Sreedhara, (2011) found that the variables of career development practices viz, established, long term and dynamic career path greatly influenced the employee satisfaction of BPO
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