Personal Narrative: My Career Investigatory

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I’ve always felt like an outsider among everyone I come intact with and never belong anywhere. It’s like a lot of individuals tell me that I’m difficult to understand or put together like a billion pieces to a puzzle that was sitting on a table for months. I’m a misunderstood person who doesn’t like explaining myself at times because I feel like it’s a waste of my time and that’s one thing I don’t like doing. I tend to say what I believe is right. People say I’m a mean human being. I think because I’m blatantly true with somethings I say. I never tend to come off as rude or anything. I found out a little more information about my career personality when I took Holland Code: O*Net Career Interest Inventory and the MBTI assessments. I took the MBTI assessment and found out I was an INTJ. The INTJ type is rare for women of this personality having just 0.8% of the population. INTJs in the Myers-Briggs system can be enigmatic. They are a mystery to a lot of the people they meet. Some have nicknamed INTJ as the mastermind. I can come up…show more content…
Changing what is done based on other people 's actions, understanding people 's reactions, communicate by speaking listen, understanding what people say, using rules to solve problems, doing two or more things at the same time pay attention to something without being distracted. I’m an INTJ personality type. Being an INTJ comes with pros but has its cons. Some cons are being arrogant at time when I feel strongly about a conversation. I will take it too far and make their other person feel bad. Sometimes I can be very Judgmental and tend to not care for other feelings because I think it’s wrong. Some pros are being honest and helping other by coming up with

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