Importance Of Cast Plaques

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Cast Plaques

Cast plaques can be made from bronze, aluminum, brass or any other material you prefer. They are a durable sign option for a variety of purposes. They are generally installed on walls of any material, though they are also suitable for statues or external buildings. Custom memorial plaques are the perfect dedication to any building or as an award for recognition. Additionally, cast plaques can also be used as a diploma or certificate, to memorialize an announcement or even as signage, whether it's an address plaque or office signage.

Custom Metal Plaque

We are skilled in the art of cast plaques and the process used has been developed, tried, and tested over the yaers. Thanks to the advacement of technology cast brass plaques rely on computer graphics to combine graphics and text to create truly stunning outdoor metal plaques engraved. If there's a font you want
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Then you want cast aluminum plaques. Are you looking for a signage solution with greater dimension and depth? Then it's a custom bronze plaque you want. If you want brass house numbers at least a quarter inch or taller – then it's cast and cut letters you're looking for. If you want aluminum and bronze casting plaques you're choosing a product with a high level of recycled materials, and a variety of options when it comes to mounting, finishes, and borders.

Custom Outdoor Plaques

Cast brass plaques are the perfect solution for interior or exterior applications, which why they make such excellent home address signs. When you choose bronze memorial plaques you will notice that a patina develops over time – this is a natural process, it doesn't mean the material is deterioriating. If you prefer to choose solid cast brass plaques you can choose a patina finish to create the same look. However, bronzed objects have been uncovered intact and in good condition having spent thousands of years in seawater.

Brass House
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