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This is the last chapter or part of this study. Information discovered as the result of an inquiry or investigation.
The institution of marriage was and is even today, closely related to the joint family, kinship and caste. The choice of brides and grooms, especially of brides, was influenced by caste, kinship and family goals.
Colleges are mostly co-educational in Pune and college campuses are meeting ground for the younger generation of males and females, who would otherwise be restricted from mixing freely. In India the college life is in fact, considered to be the spring time of freedom, a release from the tighter control of the society symbolized by the family.
Also it has been shown in this study
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The girl or boy should be introduced as a friend to the family and be allowed to earn their love and respect. The qualities of the person you love should be highlighted in front of the family members. Try and learn the customs of each other’s caste. This will enable you to earn the love of the family members. Try and show your family members how this kind of systems are obstructing the progress of the nation. Government of India has made different laws to encourage inter-caste marriage. Government of India has made policy to promote inter-caste marriage by giving 50,000 financial help. Social activists and groups are actively contributing to the create awareness among the people of the hazards of not accepting the inter-caste marriages. Movies, plays, street plays, demonstrations etc. Has been used to demonstrate that inter-caste marriages should be allowed. Now people know that............ A successful marriage is not dependent on same caste and religion……… rather it depends on mutual understanding and compatibility. Today, there are examples where two people from totally different background and life style come together and spend their entire life happy with each

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