Importance Of Caste On Indian Society

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What is the relevance of caste in today’s Indian society, there will be pseudo elite who will vociferously deny the importance of caste but when it comes to marriage of their son or daughter the choice is made solely on the basis of caste...... Brahmin boy seeks Brahmin bride, educate d shetty girl seeks educated shetty groom......this is how most of the matrimonial advertisements read across all over India. There are very few educated elite Indian families who willingly accept a bride or a groom from outside their caste into their family. Caste plays a fundamental role when it comes to marriage.
People have an overwhelming mind block when it comes to associating with a caste other than theirs. Indian society is still slave to the social evils that are prevalent since time imme-morial .People have forgotten the real reason why caste system came into existence. It was not for the classification of the people on the basis of their status but for the classification of the people on the basis of the occupation practised.
In India there were primarily four castes, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. Each caste had a specific function or role in society, the performance of religious rights and rituals were restricted to Brahmins, thereby conferring priesthood on them. The warriors were Ksha-triyas, the merchants were Vaishyas and the artisans were the Shudras. In the traditional In-dian society Brahmins were considered to be superior to all other castes and

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