Importance Of Cat In Ancient Egypt

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Cats in Ancient Egypt
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Institutional Affiliation My Lord Vizier the right hand of the King and administrator of all royal decree. Receive greetings from my family and I, as we hope that this letter finds you in sound health. My Lord, I am a humble farmer of wheat and barley working tirelessly from season to season to ensure my lord’s people are well fed with the best quality food that I can provide. I write this letter to you to give my account of the astounding importance of the cat in my modest way of life and my neighborhood in general. I am glad that you have taken some time away from your busy schedule to learn of the value of our companions the cat from my perspective.
The cat has gained respect in Egypt over the years because of a myriad of things that it has done for us. In my neighborhood many people happily share their homes with one or more cats taking care of them from the time that they are kittens to the unfortunate moment when they pass away. The cats are treated as family members such that any person who dares to mistreat one may face a penalty sometimes as tough as death. Some do this because of the economic benefits that cats bring along while others prefer their companionship and love. Nevertheless, whichever the reason may be, I believe that they all acknowledge that the cat is an important part of our Egyptian culture and daily lives. From the time that I was a child I noticed how the cat has been a significant symbol of the

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