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Celebrities hold an incredible amount of power in the society in terms of fame, money and all the right connections. Some use this power for the benefit of the society and use their goodwill and wealth to run charity organizations. However, other celebrities use their network for their benefit as it has been noticed in multiple cases that celebrities and highly influential people get away with certain crimes and offences that are punishable by law with the help of money and highly qualified lawyers. Celebrities must be treated equal to regular citizens in the eyes of the law and must not receive any leniency in terms of prosecution, simply because they exercise a lot of influence in the society. Celebrities are like common people and have…show more content…
The most recent case that sparked outrage among the masses is one involving a “superstar” in India, Salman Khan. In the wee hours of 28thSeptember, 2002, allegedly an intoxicated Khan drove a 4x4 over some path dwellers, killing one man on the spot and injuring four others. The man killed was the sole breadwinner of the family and the injuries rendered the other family members unable to work. The case was not judged in court for thirteen years and finally when he was brought to court, his driver claimed that it was he who was behind the wheel and not Salman Khan. This is not the first time that an influential person is getting away with crime because of their power in the society.
In America, in the June of 1994, football star and actor O.J. Simpson’s wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and a waiter Ronald Goldman were found murdered outside Nicole’s condo in Los Angeles. Evidence collected at the scene of crime led the investigators to believe that O.J. Simpson was the murderer. However, after a trial that lasted eight months, he was acquitted. Glaring instances like these lead us to believe that money talks and witnesses can be swayed in favor of the accused (Boyette,
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Stronger measures must be taken, especially by developing countries to terminate such corrupt practices that hinder the practice of justice being served to victims of various crimes. Crimes committed by felons belonging to the cream of the society. It would be in the best interest of these nations to make sure that their system is so strong, that no amount of power or money can influence the judgment of an impartial judge. That all citizens must be aware that their actions will have consequences no matter what their social standing. All people must be equal in the eyes of law and certain people must not be able to get away with their crimes because of their fame and

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