Importance Of Cell Migration

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Migration of cells in simple words can be defined as one of the most essential life processes that involves the translation or transmission of cells from desired tissue or an organ to its target destination. It is a ubiquitous process that is observed almost in every organism, ranging from unicellular organisms like amoeba, to complex multicellular organisms upto mammals. also it is environment dependent, meaning that it can take place in non- living medium like soil, in vitro culture or in complex organisms. Importance of cell migration depends upon its occurrence whether in tissue, organs or an organism it is taking place in and desired results of the migration. For example in lower organisms its main role is mating and search of food, whereas as the complexity increases the functions concerning cell migration also become relatively complex. Complexity in higher organisms relates to the need for specialization, which brings about tissue organization, organogenesis and homeostatsis mediated by cell migration. Cell migration is an evolutionary process occurring constantly throughout the body. A normal and pathogenic process which includes various events of embryonic development, immune response, cancer metastases and angiogenesis involves cell migration as a basic property. In different cell types and their lineages and the migration process, common basic molecular machinery involved. Major molecular components of pathways underlying migration process have been conserved

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