Essay On Use Of Mobile Phones In School

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Significance of the Study: This paper presents an argument and gives evidence to prove that the use of cell phones in school can lead to a student’s productivity so as to give recommendations and changes on the student’s way of studying. Phones should be used cautiously and for educational purposes only. If students are mellowed enough to know the proper purpose and use of phones, this can be one of the reason to allow cell phones in school. Students can take quizzes and tests on mobile phones. In this way, teachers can gain estimable and proper time allocation for more hours of teaching. Cell phones can also be used for safety purposes. Parents, nowadays, adamantly requests for immediate communication for the safety of the students. Rationale:…show more content…
The use of cellphone in school is beneficial because it allows students to have instant access and be well-informed to the most up-to-date, and new information in the World Wide Web easily. 2. Cell phones causes the students to divert attention away from the class because students have the tendency to play games, communicate, cheat during tests, and cell phones can be used as a tool for cyberbullying. 3. Cell phones can be a possible distraction because students have the predisposition to use cell phones during class hours to communicate, surf through social media, to survive boredom, in a way that students do not pay attention to what’s happening around anymore. 4. Cell phone is a powerful tool, with the capacity to connect students virtually to any resource at all cause, students can take pictures of relevant visuals and, Students will then be able to look back to the recorded information any time and will not have to worry about missing important reminders in class. 5. Modern technology can increase a child’s knowledge because it provides applications, learning programs, and multimedia to help a student not only to learn, but to gain skills as well, students also benefit which provides easier work with wide range of instruction and to disseminate tasks
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