Importance Of Cellphones In The Classroom

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Why Phones Are Important in Student’s Learning Many education officials may be surprised that something they have been keeping from students may help them. That thing is a smartphone. Most schools see cell phones as these major distractions for students who are trying to learn, but what they don’t see is the great learning potential that cell phones can offer. My three main points on why smartphones should be allowed in the classroom are as follows: First, cell phones can give students access to online articles that can teach them on stuff that they are learning in class. Second, cell phones can allow students to easily communicate with the teacher, other students, or other staff in the school. Lastly, cell phones can allow students to quickly research a topic that they are learning about in class. This leads to my opinion on the matter, which is that even though schools do not allow cell phones in class, schools should permit them in class because cell phones open up new opportunities for students to learn, communicate, and get research.
My first point against banning cell phones in class is that cell phones can give students access to articles or online classes that will give them further insight on what they are doing in class. If the student is struggling or needs some extra help, cell phones can give them that extra push that they need to get ahead. I know that you may think that cell phones will just cause distraction and disorder in the classroom, this quote from an
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