Importance Of Censorship In Movies

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Some people think that it’s better to ban books, music, and movie or at least labeled, but I think that’s just insane. In the sources read, arguments were presented in regards to censorship in Media Centers. Censorship is “the practice of suppressing ideas”, and has a long history in America. The Library Media Center Committee should not ban certain books, music, and movies because the vulgar language in literature allows for a better understanding of the time period and culture, also kids will find a way to get the music and books, and if we ban the industry loses a lot of money which is bad for the economy. The literature we read can help us understand when and where the time period was. For example, in the book “Of Mice and Men”, they use the word “nigger” when they are talking about and African American. This tells us that they were at a time when racism was still alive. Most people don’t really like this, and it’s true because of the way life is today, but what they don’t think about is how this can really give us some information on how life was back then. In source #3, there was another organization called The CCA(The Comics Code Authority), that was started 1954. This organization began regulating what stories and images could appear. Long story short, every publisher was forced to meet the CCA’s strict standards. According to source #3, the standards are that many publishers couldn’t sell any comics that had crime or horror in them,
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