Censorship Of Student Speech Essay

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Censorship of student speech is incompatible with higher education because not only is college meant for students to go learn and develop but it is also meant for students to be able to explore new ideas and be able to talk and say whatever they please. After watching the two videos by FIRE, i have concluded that in the first video when the University of Cincinnati had only let people that wanted to pass out flyers and make word of what there cause is about the college forced them to stay in a designated area that they could not move out of or they would be arrested for trespassing. The university that is doing this to the group is being very unconstitutional. Also because they are a big university they think that they could do anything even…show more content…
Universities are meant to be communities as well as a campus and with this said all people should have the equal right to express what they believe in freely and not be persecuted and judged. With censorship many will not be able to speak freely and will not be able to make new discoveries and ideas. " All knowledge must be questioned". This is saying that to gain knowledge you must question and figure out what is wrong with it to make it better than it was before. Without the right of freedom of speech we would also not be able to share our thoughts and be able to take criticism on our thoughts to revise and make it better and then our knowledge will become weak. Mainly it is important for colleges to have freedom of speech because students need to be able to connect what they are learning in the class room and be able to translate it to modern and ideas and philosophies and of others. With the ability to express your opinion you will not only benefit yourself or others but entire societies and maybe the
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