Effects Of Censorship On Social Media

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Censorship on social media Censoring the social media might not be digested by the majority. At glance, censor could mean restrict of people freedom which is not associated with democratic countries. To have an accurate perspective about censorship of the social media we should be aware of the reasons that lead us to this solution. Social media sites provide a chance for individuals which help them to contact with each other, to share information, and to have an immense social surroundings. Furthermore, social media helps us to have worldwide connecting, which aids people to enrich their knowledge and increase their own information gradually. People speculating that each person around the world has a link to the social media and if there is a person who does not have a connection he will be classified as an illiterate person. The hypothesis of the social media is to keep the world close and spread the peace and all different aspects such as cultures, traditions, and languages. These days strange users appear and they act very aggressively toward the world, the people, and themselves. Who are marginalize and they want to revenge for a hidden reason. To prevent these people and to keep our world safer we should make censorship on social media. According to Ben-David “not post content that: is hate speech, threatening,......; incites violence, or contains…show more content…
gratuitous violence”(4). Social media today is leading to violence and many bad behaviors, which we cannot shun it until people have a high awareness of the importance of making censorship on social media, which we need to protect our society from crimes,
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