Importance Of Census Calendar

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Census calendar

A calendar or timetable that specifies the sequence and estimated duration of each component operation of the census is an indispensable tool in census planning. The calendar will be prepared as an overall framework for the census at the early stages of census planning. It will be updated and contain more details as planning continues, with the aim of deciding on final dates as soon as practicable.

These calendars mark the dates on which each census operation is to be started and completed. They also gauge how each census operation is progressing
By mere comparison of calendar target dates with actual dates of each operation, severe lags in operations or discrepancies in time estimates can be spotted. Timing and control of the complexity of interdependent census operations are two functions that a census calendar performs efficiently.
Thus, if the census timetable needs modification, all related operations will be considered to prevent interruption of the entire census programme.

The different operations—pre-enumeration, enumeration and post-enumeration—are shown in the census calendar.
Post-enumeration covers evaluation and analysis, as well as processing and dissemination. The starting date for the general enumeration of the population determines the census calendar, including the time arrangement of all other operations. The calendar separately shows overlapping operations. Resembling a chart, the census calendars also list down all operations. A

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