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Organisational setup is the hierarchy of the activities that are adopted by an organisation in order to achieve their goals and objectives. An organisational setup consists of leadership, culture, working environment and others. Leadership is considered as the important for organisations because the achievement of goals and targets in a project are dependent on effective leadership. In addition to this, organisational culture is another aspect, which needs to be considered by the management in ensuring success of the project in order to make employees comfortable. Moreover, working environment is the significant factor that affects the performance of the business because healthy and friendly working environment is the main requirement of any…show more content…
Different organisational tools are used by change management, which assist the employees in making successful personal transitions that result in the realisation and adoption of change. Crawford and Nahmias (2010) stated that in the context of project, change management is known as the control process that assist changes in relation to the project scope in order to ensure that objectives and goals of the project as well as organisation is achieved. Many of the organisations need to implement change within their internal processes because not all the projects can be dealt with similar activities and strategies. Therefore, to make the operations of the company smooth and stable, it becomes important for the organisations to implement change so that long lasting benefits can be…show more content…
However, McKinsey 7-S Model is consider as an imperative change management model that would be beneficial for those organisations that are involved in the construction project (Azzone & Palermo, 2011). In addition, the McKinsey 7-S model gives a complete approach to an association and it entails seven factors that work as joint agent of change, which are demonstrated below:
Shared values
It is noted that every association has their own objectives and targets which gives the encouragement to all staff and administration to push ahead to perform their daily activities viably. Moreover, these objectives and targets have the same qualities for every single person in the association. However, creating the change in the association must not affect the shared values for the reason that it will lead the organisation towards the failure (Keller & Aiken, 2009).

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