Personal Narrative: My Favorite Memory As An Indian Springs Cheerleader

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My most favorite memory as a Indian Springs Cheerleader was our first home game in the new stadium It was very intense and it was a very long day, it was my very first time cheering at a game in like years so I was scared and nervous, I don’t watch football much so I didn’t know what was happening on the field but later on in the game I got the hang of it. This was great because I got to cheer with great team that night and hope that I get to do it again . Another favorite moment was the Pep Rally, it was my first time performing in the rally and I never thought I would be able to do something so cool. I think the whole team was nervous, but we still went out there and did our best. Another memorable moment that I had from being a cheerleader was, basketball season it was very intense to see and cheer at the basketball games. Our halftime routines we’re awesome and I had a really good time cheering for the boys and girls basketball team. Competition Season was my very favorite, Our team work hard, like really hard and it took focus, we ended up coming out 1st Place winners in almost every competition, It made…show more content…
I should be captain because I 'm very hard working and I put in a lot of dedication , I make sure that when given a task I get it done, and I have so much school spirit in me that I would love to show my coaches and my team. Another reason why I should be captain is because I 'm ready for new challenges in cheer and I feel like captain would be a very good challenge for me to achieve. Being a captain might be hard but I 'm ready to take on the responsibility. I know I will be a really good captain, and I know I got what it takes to be captain, and i’m ready to show it to the whole

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