Alina's Influence On Child Development

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Around the world there are children who are exposed to different environments, different situations, various educational levels, and different availabilities to nutritional resources. Physical development plays a crucial role in the outcome of the child’s growth on the path to adulthood. Parental guidance is a direct influence on the final product of the child’s health and the speed in which the child matures. Alina not only grew healthy but grew at a faster pace, speeding up the process in which her maturity aided her into a more conscious and nutritious lifestyle.
Starting as early as weeks Alina’s growth was “ahead of the normal charts” which as a parent looked extremely well, for Alina was only small and needed all the nutrients she can
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A child must be hindered and guided on the right path in order to develop to be an adult skilled enough to go to college or work in order to maintain him or herself.
As an infant Alina displayed clear hormonal connection with my partner. Which shows neural connections within Alina that tell “what is mom” and “what is a stranger”, therefore helping strengthen her reflexes and senses. As early as 3 weeks Alina displays curiosity to the world around her, I decide to stimulate her senses by talking to her singing and playing music. At 3 months Alina skills at face recognition is at its peak, which is helpful when she want to interact socially and differentiate faces, part of her development of perceptual narrowing. I take Alina to the park so she can hear and see birds, trees, and dogs. Helping her create new schemas, assimilating new things about the world and accommodating what she learns to what she already
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She starts to display the formal operational limitation of imaginary audience, she thinks everyone is watching her, I let her go through the phase but I reassure her she is a smart girl and doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone but herself. At the start of freshman years she had a rough start, I began to notice that she wasn’t focusing well and not prioritizing her free time on the right things so I advised her that the art class she wanted to take should be left for later on through high school cause I will just create more of a work load. Alina experienced a morals and values problem when in high school pertaining to politics and religion. She doesn’t understand why others will think that way but I help her understand that there are a lot of different views and encourage her to talk to other people about it and co-workers that will share with her as
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