Importance Of Child Labour In Society

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The world consists of one-third children. So they need to be protected and get basic requirements, to keep up and for the betterment of the society. Children are important factor of social structure and strong future of the country, which carries the culture. The question arises, who are children? we cant describe who is child and it is a huge task
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This employment is considered by international organization and is illegal in many countries. Children who are below 14 years of age cannot take out business, job etc. if they are found working any organization the employer is charged under labour laws.


The children should not work is where it is not acceptable, but there are no universal answers why the problems of child labour arise and how it need to be undertaken. In our country we are facing many problems of increasing of child labour, which is customary in all lifestyle. Lakhs of Children’s are busy in the factories, and industries all over the world.

The term child Labour has generally two meanings, firstly, it is understood to be an economic necessity of poor households, and at the other part dangerous aspects in children’s work and the profit maximizing of the organization where children’s are made to work for long periods and paid low monetary values.

Child labour defines to include children leading permanently adult live, working long hours for wages and damaging to their health and physical and mental development by International Labour Organization (ILO) and also separated to their families , even poor education and that could be open up to them betterment of their future.

Reasons For Child
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According’s to the statistics given by Indian Government there are 20 million child labour in the country.

Current situation of child labour in India is worst. Children work for eight hours with very small break for meals. The meals for children are economical. Most of the children sleep over there, because they don’t have home, which is very bad for health. 75% of population still stays in rural areas, which are very poor. Parents sacrifice their children education to their growing needs of the families and the wage earners for the entire clan.

The exploitation of little children for labors work in northern India is accepted practice and observed by the government as a necessity to decrease the poverty. Carpet weaving industries pay very low wages to the child labors and make them work for long time in unclean condition. children working in such units are mainly from northern India who have migrated, who are responsible for their families to earn some monetary incentive that they can run the house to fulfill the basic necessities . Their families depend on the

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