How Does English Language Influence Children's Language Creativity

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English language used in both an everyday talk and the formal use, like literary texts. Especially it used as creativity in an everyday interaction and practices or children’s language. Language become creative if it used as an interaction humors purpose for instance, because in this case the language includes some formal aspect of language aesthetic that used in literary texts, like; pun and metaphor. Children’s language is creative also because it is a practice, means their language is about repetitions; play with sounds, and everyday poetic, so their language is creative because it has some kind of formal aspect of the language. Children’s language creativity is practice and it plays an important role in developing their grammar and oral communication. Children face…show more content…
This stage of learning the language is a phenomenon which identified as protoconversation. Protoconversation talks about the basic language playful exchanges between the caregiver and, the infants who are under one year old. The expected idea is that, in the infants’ interaction that are about two months, infants communicate with moving their hands, heads, and with the use of their voice without ability of looking of hearing. After first few months the infant’s communication developed and the infant communicate with the caregiver by interact and response and the traditional gestures with playful sound, which represent creativity in home at the first stages of the human language. However, this way of acquiring language and the stages of language’s development associated with the studies of social anthropology and psycholinguistic. And according to these studies the following paragraphs are going to explain how children’s creative languages contribute in developing grammar. Social anthropology is focusing on the children’s culture within their language as

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