Importance Of Children's Language Creative

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English language used in both an everyday talk and the formal use, like literary texts. Especially it used as creativity in an everyday interaction and practices or children’s language. Language become creative if it used as an interaction humors purpose for instance, because in this case the language includes some formal aspect of language aesthetic that used in literary texts, like; pun and metaphor. Children’s language is creative also because it is a practice, means their language is about repetitions; play with sounds, and everyday poetic, so their language is creative because it has some kind of formal aspect of the language. Children’s language creativity is practice and it plays an important role in developing their grammar and oral communication. Children face several challenges when they acquire the language, especially and normally, their language is creative. Their language has an aesthetic sense because it is creative. Different participants have an important role in form the artful text and practices, as having response and interact with the audience or the reader or the child. Adult’s exchanges or everyday interaction is creative because these kinds of conversation’s language include a lot of aesthetic and formal aspects. Not only adult’s language is creative but also the children’s. Children start acquiring language from their very first days of birth throughout their society. Naturally Children’s language is creative, from birth, the

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