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“To reread a children’s book from childhood, perhaps as an escape from the stresses of adulthood, evades both the real now and the real then” (Reader 1, p: 13).
People come to children's literature as a relief, and rest from adulthood. And to some people, books that have been read, and enjoyed as a child and revisited as an adult have specific meaning and value. "Children books are nice; they take us back to a golden world, one which we might also want to share it with our children and grandchildren." (Reader 1, p: 13). However, it appears that books that were enjoyed as a child is an escape from the real world, and it's not the childhood that the reader wishes to revisit, rather it is the escape. It is believed that most childhoods are difficult, and children's books offer happiness and utopian state. "It is to remember that texts for children do not portray childhood as it was or is, but portray childhood as the writers wished to be seen for political, sociological and dramatic reasons." Cinderella is a story about a girl who lived with her widowed father. After her mother's death, her father married another woman with two daughters. Soon after, Cinderella's father dies. Her stepmother and her two stepsisters abused Cinderella, and forced her to work as a maid in her own house. One day, a prince
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Also, the term children's literature itself is seen as an oxymoron. And the relationship between adults and children is an unequal one, because children are merely readers; it is the adults who write, publish, and disseminate children's books. They also are the ones who choose on behalf of children to "decide whether this book is suitable for a specific child, or group of children." (Reader 1, p:

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