Importance Of Chipko Movement

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India has been known for its nonviolent harmonious movements since pre-independence and it extends the traditional Gandhian Satyagraha even now. This has given rise to many other societal, as well as environmental movements which have proved and become a triumph. It has resulted in people’s collaboration and interest in upholding such movements which has paved a way for successful development progress. Amongst these movements is the Chipko movement.
In 1970 an organized resistance to the destruction of forests spread throughout India and came to be known as the Chipko movement. Chipko means ‘embrace’, as the villagers hugged the trees, and prevented the contractors ' from felling them.
It is an extension of the traditional Gandhian Satyagraha. Its importance lies in the fact that it took place in post independent India.The continuity between the pre-independence and post-independence forms of this satyagraha has been provided by Gandhians, including Sri Dev Suman, Mira Behn and Sarala Behn.
But Chipko 's biggest contribution was the pro-poor environmentalism that favored the tribal villagers who used forests as a source agricultural practices and for their livelihood.
"Chipko had a very humane appeal: Cut me down before you cut down the tree. The
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