Importance Of Christmas Activity Day

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I am writing on behalf of Class 5D concerning our disappointment towards the annual Christmas activity day. We are especially disappointed with the arrangement of the annual Christmas activity day and would like to propose changes to be made so that the real aim of Christmas activity day - reliving students ' study stress, can be realized. There are several reasons for our disappointment. To commence with, we doubt whether there are enough time for us having the Christmas activity day, which is just a half of the day and the students need to have extra lessons on the another-half of the day . We understand that the school wants us to pay more time on studying, which is a means to maintain the students ' concentration on study and enhance the students ' academic performance. However, I fear that this feasible. Enhancing the students ' academic performance boils down to appropriate relaxation. Students are pressurized that they have to coop with a multitude of schoolwork and cram themselves with knowledge of both core and elective subjects in their daily living. They have already been tired in December. They have probably lacked motivation of acquiring knowledge. Then, they will not have obvious progress and even have regress. From our point of view, the annual Christmas activity day should be a chance for students to relieve stress which have already built up before several months. Therefore, they need more time to have enough relaxation.

Secondly, there
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