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Church decorations during Christmas Anjenette J. Agbay College of Education, Capitol University 18 January 2017 This paper aims to share some points about the church decorations during Christmas. Christmas time is the most wonderful time of year that every people in the world celebrate with compassion and love. Philippines is known for its lavish and longest Christmas celebration which starts from September 1st to January 6th when Epiphany comes around. Christmas church decoration adds beauty to the church during Christmas and often attracts the church goers to go to church during Novena mass. Decorating the church every Christmas season is one of the practices that the Spanish introduces to us. Before, the Christmas decorations were often put up on December 24 in the archipelago to their houses and the church to show the spirit of Christmas. In The Philippine Island by Emma Blair and James Robertson from the original work1 of Father Pedro Chirino’s Relation shares his experience in 1595 in celebrating Christmas Eve with the Filipino. …It was thus that I spent Advent in the year fifteen hundred and ninety-five. We celebrated Christmas Eve and the feast of the Nativity with solemnity and joy, preparing in the meantime to celebrate our first feast of the Circumcision, for which we had decorated the church and invited father Fray Bartolomeo…show more content…
In church the paróls became part of church decorations to serve as light during the Misa de Gallo. It is according to Chorengel M. & Duldulao T. (1997) in the book A Child’s Pasko: Christmas in the Philippines2. In addition the Filipinos used the lanterns before as their light all the way to church to attend the daily Misa de Aguinaldo, or Gift Masses, which begin on the 16th of December, and ends with the Misa de Gallo, or "Mass or the Rooster" at midnight of Christmas

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