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Smart phones and social media in general have revolutionized the news industry today. It’s difficult to get away from cameras these days. From the surveillance cameras that film our every move to the smart phones in our pockets. In the Middle East, in Syria and in Egypt smart phones are being used to expose atrocities and in so doing shape world opinion. These cameras are being used in areas by and large where the main stream media can’t reach, helping to provide a voice for those who cannot normally be heard.
Smart phones together with all the other kinds of social media have made all of us much more powerful and better informed as citizens. But with that power, of course, comes a responsibility. Should we always believe what we see? We don’t know who is operating the camera or where it was filmed or when it was filmed. Is this breed of so-called Citizen Journalism playing an important role in delivering news or helping the news industry deliver news or is it simply distorting our understanding of world events. Also, what does the mainstream media need to learn from all this? What do the mainstream media need to carefully
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In Mexico, the disputable El blog del Narco ( is said to be controlled by an anonymous IT student. The site distributes reports and on occasion gory pictures of the nation 's war on drugs, which the mass media can 't cover because of the fear of cartels or in light of the fact that they are as of now owned by them, and which the government would not generally like to see published. Professional journalists, who are not able to publish their articles under their real names and ordinary citizens, send in their contributions about killings and fights. This is the only source of information for the individuals living in the affected zones. The site draws around three million hits a month.

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