Importance Of City Transportation

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City transportation is an important pillar for quality of life of citizens in a city. Currently, in most of the cities, public and private road transportation are the key mode of commuting and logistics. Lack of quality and safe public transportation, inadequate capacity of public transportation, road safety concerns, overcrowded road network, poor traffic management, parking issues, theft, poor road conditions, lack of modal options (including pedestrian walkways) remain the key issues. Most cities also lack the integrated transportation plans leading to huge demand-supply gap and poor transportation network.

Transforming Public Transportation

Technology plays an important role by predicting demand and supply data to feed into transportation planning. Technology can also help in improving reliability of public transportation network by providing visibility on arrivals/departures/route information for travellers for hassle-free journey.

As per a World Bank study, by 2031, some 600 million people are expected to live in India 's cities. However, only about 20 Indian cities with populations over 500,000 have any kind of organized public transport systems. In fact, the share of public transport in large Indian cities actually declined from some 70 per cent in 1994 to almost 40 per cent in 2007. Furthermore, India 's accident and fatality rates are among the highest in the world, mainly affecting the poor and vulnerable who do not have their own means of transportation.
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