Essay On Classroom Assistants

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Classroom assistants are an integral part of the school staff team and as such have a responsibility for working to agreed school policies and procedures. In turn, the day-to-day work of the school takes place within a wider legislative framework affecting the content and delivery of the curriculum, health and safety, child protection and other aspects of school life. Classroom assistants need to be aware of these school and statutory frameworks, particularly those that directly impact on their own work with pupils. Supporting inclusion The principles underpinning inclusive education are those of setting suitable learning challenges, responding to pupils’ diverse learning needs, and overcoming potential barriers to learning. Many classroom assistants are employed with specific responsibilities to work with individual pupils; others…show more content…
This requirement covers information about pupils and colleagues and extends to communications with others in social as well as work-related situations. Continuing professional development Classroom assistants will take advantage of planned and incidental self-development opportunities in order to maintain and improve the contribution that they can make to raising pupil achievement. Asking for advice and support to help resolve problems should be seen as a form of strength and professionalism. Apart from underpinning a range of qualifications for teaching assistants, the National Occupational Standards can be used for a range of HR purposes including developing job descriptions, supporting recruitment and selection, workforce planning and deployment, defining performance targets, identifying training and development needs, developing and evaluating training programmes, and evaluating individual and team performance. Teaching/Classroom Assistants Standards: April 2001 TEACHING ASSISTANTS – GENERAL LEVEL
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