Importance Of Client Groups In Social Work

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Social care work can be described as providing professional care to those who are vulnerable, experience exclusion, disadvantage or special needs. They provide and protect those whom society usually forget and encourage, challenge and support them to reach their fullest potential.They are advocates for people who need it. It is based on interpersonal relationships and people who have strong communication skills and have empathy.They can work as part of a team to enourage the individual to become a useful part of society and all them to continue in the norm.Social workers work with individuals and groups experiencing social and emotional difficulties. The professionalisation of social work began in Ireland in the first half of the 20th century, as persons were employed to undertake social work tasks, such as working with families, as opposed to administering charity. (Browne Frank ,2012) Ireland has many social challenges and recently unemployment and homelessness has become a very prevalent problem.According to the RTE Religious and Social Affairs Correspondent Joe Little overall count of homeless people has exceeded 5,000 for the first time, that 's the highest it has ever been.With the last recession many organisations were hit with budget cuts and cutting of support that there is a slow decline in people working in the social sector and more people needing these services.Client groups are being forced to miss out on many opportunities and need of help. Client groups
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