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1. INTRODUCTION Climatology is the scientific study of spatio- temporal characteristics and variation of climatic elements like rainfall, temperature, evapotranspiration, humidity, pressure, winds and air masses. The word Climatology is derived from two Greek words ‘klima’ and ‘logia’. The klima means place or zone and logia means the study of climate. The climate is the average study of weather. The standard average periods for climatic analysis are 30 years defined by the World Meteorological organization (WMO). A According to Critchfield (1975), the climatology is the science that seeks to describe and explain the nature of climate, how it differs from place to place, and how it is related to man's activities. In his opinion "Climatology…show more content…
Each discipline, in his opinion, to a certain extent, is a child of climatology. Climatology must select from each of these disciplines; the principles, observations, methods, and outlook that it needs. 1 According to J.E. Hobbs (1980) Weather and climate are dynamic features of our environment and impinge upon all the activities of man to a greater or lesser degree. The ways in which the elements of weather and climate affect all forms of economic and social activity are now receiving increasing attention from climatologists. Thornthwaite broadens the scope of climatology, when he suggests that the study of the atmosphere as well as that of the earth's surface form the core of this discipline. This is so because each and every characteristic of climate is deter¬mined by the exchange of heat, moisture, and momentum between the earth's surface and the atmosphere. 1 According to D. S. Lal (2011) the term climatology is correctly applied to the study of the following five growing fields: climatological record, theory of climate, energy and moisture balances of the earth, study of climate as the environment of living organisms, and study of climate as the direct environment of…show more content…
There is large scale intra-seasonal and inter-annual variability observed in the south west monsoon rainfall pattern. The monsoon is main source of water but the deficiency and variability of monsoon is creating water scarcity in the country. The drought or water scarcity collapses the Indian economy and creates the problems before the government. The forecasting and well information of monsoon is helpful to the planners, administrator, managers, civilians and farmers. Agriculture is the main activity of the Indian people. More than sixty five percentage population of India depend on this sector. Most of the farmers are poor and small land holders and from the rural areas. Indian agriculture is called as the gambling of monsoon. For the last two decades, south west monsoon rainfall was below the normal. The drought in the country increases the suicides of farmer. 2. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The main objective of this study is to find out climatic variability and its impact over the various phenomena in the Satara district. Following are the objectives of the

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