Importance Of Clinical Teaching

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This essay is to discuss the significance of clinical teaching in nursing and various methods of clinical teaching. The central of this essay is to critically discuss the issues related to clinical teaching and choose the most suitable method of clinical teaching in my clinical setting. There are several types teaching methods for clinical teaching. In this essay, at least five various methods of clinical teaching will be critically discussed which include nursing rounds, clinical conferences, bedside teaching, role play and mentorship.
Clinical teaching is one of the effective ways to close the gap between theoretical education and practical training in nursing education (Chapman & Clegg, 2007; Crane, 1991). Practical and theoretical are types of nursing education which both are important and provide different contributions to learning (Veltri, 2010). In addition, practical experience is a very essential component for the socialization of nurses (Wong & Lee, 2001). However, the newly graduated nurses barely have entry-level competency in medical-surgical skills and knowledge (Nasiriani, Farnia, Salimi, Shahbazi, & Motavasselian, 2006), which indicates a gap between theory and practice in nursing curriculum (Abedini & Takhti, 2011). According to Ward, Procter, and Woolley (2004), nursing curriculum requires improvement in order to change concept into practice.
Clinical teaching method is important in nursing education. Hus (2006) points out that the teaching in clinical

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