Pros And Cons Of Therapeutic Cloning

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The importance of therapeutic cloning technologies to the Human race

The topic therapeutic cloning became popular worldwild after Dolly’s birth, which its entrance to this world marked a remarkable turning point into biological sciencie. Human cloning and its technology are important and should be continued because of the cures to diseases may be found, genetic problems may be discovered and solved, and more medical innovations may be produced in order to help the human life. This paper aims to discuss the concept of cloning, its benefits and how this may affect the future of the human race. Many people became familiar and first heard about cloning when Dolly (first sheep cloned by a scientist) was published and showed up on the news in
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The creation of Dolly shocked people, including the Federal Government of the United States of America, which created some laws to make human cloning experiments illegal. After a decade of discussion about the prons and cons of cloning technology, the United States, followed by other nations, decided to support and donate money for researches that turns around how cloning technologies can positively help the future of the human…show more content…
Cloning have their own soul and identity like other human being, which they are a distinct individual with their own characteristics, not a replica of another person. Those individuals can give society the cure for many deseases and solution for many human’s problems mentioned above. To sum up, to ban the research about therapeutic cloning will just push it underground and increase suffering in our society.

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