Importance Of Close Reading Strategies

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Introduction There are several techniques that university students can use them to encounter and address their difficulties in reading academic texts and enhance their reading skills. One of the main crucial strategies is close reading which can be defined as reading the text several times; in order to understand the text and get the main points. It is a remarkable strategy to overcome reading difficulties as well to enhance reading abilities. In this essay, I will talk about why students need help to utilize close reading strategy and my experience as well.
Author 's believe
According to the article, students have a lack of using strategies while reading academic textbooks [1]. Some university students especially L1 and L2 students face difficulties in understanding the author 's arguments and recognize the key points of the text [1]. The close reading technique is a useful method to analyze the important ideas and guide the students to the author 's believe. Add to that, it helps students to summarize the critical ideas and enhance their reading skills to understand the comprehension which leads to prevent plagiarism [1]. The author emphasizes that the main goal of using close reading is to help students to think about ambiguities in the text and get the whole picture of the text [1].
My experience
The most important ways that developed my reading skills are used text in the class and provide structural motivation. In fact, I had an experience with these strategies

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