Importance Of Code Mixing In Communication

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Yes, there are existing theories and/or empiric to show the importance of my research.
Language is a part of linguistics which has function as a means of communication in society. In the society, language is an important factor which determines whether the communication is fluent or not. Therefore, the accuracy of the language is required in order to improve the fluency of the communication. The fluency in speaking or using language is not only in the form of the accuracy in selecting the words and arranging the sentence but also the ability or the accuracy in seeing the situation. It means that an individual who uses the language should know how to use the sentence well and correctly and also should be able to see or know the situation in speaking such as with whom, where, when, and etc. In the society, there exists the use of Code mixing in communication. Code-mixing is widespread phenomena in bilingual communities where speakers use their native tongue (L1) and their second language (L2) in different domains. In the society nowadays the use of code mixing is like a trend especially in the adolescence or in the teenager field. In communication sometimes, the people do not aware that sometimes they used English in bahasa. The exchanges of a language or a code into another language is not only occurs in the communicating orally but also in the written text or communication which exists in the text such as in the magazine.
Wardhaugh (1986) claimed that code is the

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