Social Work In Bulgaria Essay

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The practice of social work in Bulgaria has its own peculiarities and difficulties, but they are not connected only with the general crisis of values, with moral decay of society, nor with the general ambiguity and the apparent immaturity of social relationships. Today, obviously, it shows signs of moral crisis. The moral crisis of the society has serious consequences. In periods of social reforms special requirements have always been placed to professional activities, connected with solving the social problems of the society as a whole and of the individuals and groups exposed more than the others to the negative impact of the market processes. Social work is one of those factors that influences the state of the social area and live of citizens. That is why the creation of a Code of Ethics as a specific moral system is necessary, especially when the activity…show more content…
Context of Bulgarian practice of social work
In 1995 in Bulgaria was established the Bulgarian Association of Social Workers (BASW) (1). The Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian Association of Social Workers was adopted by the General Assembly of the Association on 23.10.1999 (2). Later were elaborated the regulations for its implementation. According to the data of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), the Code of the Bulgarian Association of Social Workers was ratified in 2005. Part of the main objectives of the Bulgarian Association of Social Workers are as follows:
1. To support the professional development of people, engaged in social work;
2. To assist in protecting the interests of the users of social services at national
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