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In linguistics of a language, codification is the process of standardizing and developing a norm for a language.
Codifying a language differs from case to case and relay on the period of standardization that already exists. It generally means to cultivate a writing system, build up official rules for grammar, orthography, pronunciation, syntax and vocabulary as well as distributing grammar books, dictionaries and similar
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Step one is the choosing process, step three is applying the changes in the society and step four is the illustration of vocabulary (especially technical terms).In the process of language planning, two major levels exist: corpus planning and status planning (Heinz Kloss). Codification is part of the corpus planning of a language, because the body of the language itself is being planned as opposed to status planning, where the prestige and usage of a language is enhanced
• Corpus planning: Codification of a language (step 2); elaborating its functions to meet language needs (step 4)
• Status planning: Selection of a language (step 1); implementing its functions by spreading it (step 3)
Either the codification is profitable depends mainly on its agreement by the population as well as its form of implementation by the government, e.g. promoting its prestige and spread, teaching the norm in school and language courses, and so on.

How to decide whether a new word should be included in a
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In previous centuries dictionaries tended to contain lists of words that their writers thought might be useful, even if there was no evidence that anyone had ever actually used these words. This is not the case today. New terms have to be recorded in a print or online source before they can be considered, it 's not enough just to hear them in conversation or on television, although they do analyze material from Internet message boards and TV scripts.

4. Timeline
It used to be the case that a new term had to be used over a period of two or three years before they could consider adding it to a print dictionary. New terms can achieve enormous currency with a wide audience in a much shorter space of time, and people expect to find these new 'high-profile ' words in their dictionaries. This presents an additional challenge to lexicographers trying to assess whether a term is ephemeral or whether it will become a permanent feature of the language.
5. Personal inventions They might be new inventions that have to be added to the dictionary like, or they could be made up words that people invent and ask to be added to the dictionary an example of a made up word is the word “spork” which means spoon and fork in one

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