Importance Of Collaboration In Health Care

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This concept is taken from Block 6, Module 9 which is entitled as “Lessons in collaboration”.
Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit ( Collaboration can also be referred to as cooperation or partnership.
7.1 Personal context
The word collaboration is vital in any health institution with health professionals from different fields because success or goals of the institutions are achieved with good collaboration. For a good collaboration to exist in a healthcare institution, there must be set objectives and people involved must have same interest in meeting the set objectives. There must be a good
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This include everyone from physicians and nurses who perform patient procedure to administrative teams who handle documentation and patient billing. For optimal patient care to be achieved, each member of the health care workforce must work efficiently and effectively to develop collaborative relationship with each other (Saint Peter’s University, 2015). In healthcare industry today, there are changes in health policies as well as in patients’ needs. The healthcare organization need to grow in order to tackle these changes and collaboration is required among health care professionals. Effective collaboration in nursing requires respect, honesty, trust and good communication. Good collaboration in nursing can be achieved through listening, openness, resolution of conflict among health care team, recognizing and appreciating the differences of other health care team as well as believing in their skills and…show more content…
As a result of this, we need to collaborate with other healthcare team in order to provide the best care for patients. I collaborate with my nursing colleague to share information and skills to enhance the quality of care and to improve nursing practice. Effective collaboration in nursing care enable me as well as other nursing staff to ensure continuation in patients’ care, providing a holistic care for patients, preventing errors in nursing care and avoiding gaps in nursing care.
7.4 Current research
The definition of collaboration in a healthcare setting is the “joint communicating and decision-making process with the expressed goal of satisfying patient wellness and illness needs while respecting the unique qualities and abilities of each professional” (Henneman et al, p. 104).
Tschannen (2004) studied collaboration and teamwork among healthcare professionals and found that the collaborative process resulted in positive patient outcomes, including a higher level of patient well-being and less fragmentation of care.
For effective collaboration between nurses and other healthcare professionals and patients as well, the nurse must possess the following skills;
• Listening
• Openness
• Recognition and appreciation of other healthcare team

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