Essay On Why College Is Important

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Why is college important? What can I, a young student, gain from a piece of paper that will someday end up collecting dust in my basement? The answer is that there is no one answer. Purposes for a college education could be listed endlessly, and of course, they do not apply to everyone. I personally have many expectations for my college career. Some of these are realistic, some are probably not. What is important is that I am setting goals for myself and plan to work as hard as I can to reach them. I plan to use my college education to push myself academically and to equip me with the skills needed to fulfill my dreams. Up to now, the college experience has been incredible for me. I have never thrived more than in the academically strenuous environment that these courses have brought. One example of this is that I do my best work when pressured with a deadline. This is probably because I was homeschooled before I enrolled in college. What many people would consider one of the benefits of homeschooling that was detrimental to me is that deadlines are not set. I would become lazy, and end up turning in mediocre work. College has forced me to turn out my best work always, and I consider this one of the best things I have gotten out of college so far. Another example of a benefit…show more content…
In the next couple of years, there are some things that college will provide for me. One of these being that I think that I will become a more open-minded person. Living in a small Kansas town, I am not exposed to much diversity. In moving on to a four year school, my eyes will be opened to the different types of people and places that I have yet to experience. Another thing I will get out of college is more opportunities for myself. College opens so many doors that would otherwise be impossible to find. This could manifest in many different ways of course. Perhaps training in my field, or meeting people that could help me along in my
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