Von Restorff Isolation Effect

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Color plays a major role in how people make purchasing decisions. According to a study conducted by the University of Winnipeg, 90% of its respondents agreed that colors influenced the way they made snap decisions. The study also concluded that customers generally make an initial judgment on a product within 90 seconds, and up to 90% of that judgment is based on color. Color is one of the key elements for businesses to consider when creating brand logos, web pages, and marketing creatives such as ads, billboards and banners.

Today, you’ll learn how color influences purchasing decisions, and how to use color effectively to boost brand recognition, improve customer loyalty, and most importantly to increase sales.

The Root of Everything
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It should not be the be all that ends all. Colors, wording, web page design, and CTA placements all contribute to improving conversion rates.

The Von Restorff Isolation Effect

Even though no one color in particular drives conversion, there is one factor that works very well: the isolation effect, also known as the Von Restorff effect. Studies show that an item stands out best and is more likely to be purchased when it’s made the center of attention against a solid color background – and that’s a solid background of any color.

According to behavioral science, people assign value to items when they appear isolated. They seem more exclusive, and consumers are more driven to purchase them. In behavioral economics, this practice is known as anchoring.

Color plays an important role in how people feel about your brand and in turn has an effect on whether they decide to choose or bypass you. Although success in conversion requires a broad arsenal of strategies and careful market research, leveraging color psychology when adding colors to your campaigns and other marketing efforts can have significant, noticeable

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