Importance Of Communication Barriers In Communication

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Communication is a process of transferring certain information from certain people, known as the sender, to another people or can be called the receiver, in which the information will give the receiver understanding of something. Communication also includes a sharing meanings / opinions using common rules that are adopted in that society. 1-2 We know that as health physicians, we have to have good communication skill. However, this communication skill is not only talking about giving adequate information to the patients, but as health care providers, we demand changes in behavior from our patients. The term of health communication can also be defined as influencing and motivating either individual, institutional, or mass public to be aware…show more content…
People are different from their ways of thinking, culture, language, etc. These differences can prevent the meanings of the communication to meet. This is what we called as the barrier in communication. 3 Barriers in communication can destroy the main purpose of the communication itself. Therefore, identifying the barriers in communication is important for the sender and receiver to understand their discussion and get both the meaning and the actual message well. 4 Nonetheless, as health providers, we should understand both the barriers in communicating with our patients well and ways to overcome those barriers in order to communicate with our patients well. By doing this, patients will get to fully understand what the doctors are trying to say and as expected, there will be changes in behavior that we can see in patients. II. Discussion As mentioned before, barriers in communication is the obstacles which keep the meaning of the communication to meet. There are so many theories about barriers in communication and there are indeed a lot of barriers in communication. Schiavo 2 stated that from patient perspective, barriers in communication can be from by: - Educational level Educational level of every patient can be different. Therefore, for patients’ better understanding their own diseases, it is important for the doctors to know the patients’ educational levels in explaining the diagnosis to them.
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