Importance Of Communication In Business

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No business transaction can take place without successful correspondence at some point. Enquiries must be answered, quotations given, orders placed, complaints dealt with, transport and insurance arranged and accounts settled. Letters must be written to customers, salesmen, agents, suppliers, bankers, and many others, they cover every conceivable part of business activity. Business letters are a company’s silent salesmen, and often enough, represent only contact with the outside world. .Hence, there is a need to learn how to write various types of letters. .

Commercial writing is a skill and like other skills it must be learnt. People need to be trained so that business communication is effective. Business letters are an important part of business communication in every organisation whether big or small.

In modern organisations, a number of means of communication are adopted for correspondence within the organisation and with outside agencies. In big organisations, there are a number of hierarchical steps and maintaining a good level of communication with all its employees is a big challenge. Business organisations have to remain in constant touch with outside agencies like suppliers of materials, customers, government agencies etc. Manufacturing companies get their raw materials of components and sub assemblies from a number of vendors: domestic as well as foreign. Correspondence has to be made with them about the requirements in terms of numbers
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