Importance Of Communication In Consumer Behavior

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Communication is the name that we give to the numerous ways that human being has for keeping in touch of others. Communication is the process of exchange of idea, information, knowledge, attitude or feelings among two or more persons through certain signs and symbols.
Mass Communication has been used broadly for the delivery of message to the mass audience via various media such as television, radio, newspaper etc. Mass Communication is the process of delivering information, ideas to diversified audience through the media developed for that particular purpose.
One of the major types of mass communication that is meant for communication with the masses that are heterogeneous and diversified is ‘Advertising’. It is a form of communication
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If the consumer is satisfied from the product, his behavior would be positive towards that product and if he is not contented, his behavior would be negative towards the product.
Consumer behavior is defined as the study of individual, organizations or groups and the processes they used to select, use, secure, dispose of products, services, experiences, ideas to fulfill the needs and the impacts that these processes have on the consumer and the society.
The basic idea of marketing oriented company is that the consumer is the center around which the business revolves. Therefore understanding consumer and his behavior is the means to success for a marketer or an organization. The study of consumer behavior helps:
1) To know how buying behavior of the individuals get influenced.
2) To progress the marketing strategies further.
3) To know the psychology and the buying behavior of consumer.
4) The organization reaches far steps ahead for those who fail to understand the individuals buying behavior decision.
5) An organization to improve its advertising campaigns forextra effect.
6) To understand how the sales increases and
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