Communication And Counselling Skills: The Four Aims Of Counselling

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The major aim of counselling is to assist clients to use their available problem-solving abilities more effectively. Counselling is a process that occurs when a counsellor and the client or subject set aside some time to explore some challenges that may include the stressful feelings of the client while specifically being “a therapeutic procedure in which a usually trained person adopts a supportive non-judgemental role ... or gives advice on practical problems” (McMahon, Palmer). For an effective dialogue between the client and the counsellor to happen, the counsellor is required to deliver or present certain communication and counselling skills so that they can facilitate change for the client. The communication and counselling skills of…show more content…
Given that the ultimate aim of counselling is to empower the client to make better choices, the communication and counselling skills have to be emphasised for a successful client-counsellor session. Proper utilisation of communication and counselling skills helps in meeting the objectives of counselling.

Communication and counselling skills are some of the critical skills that a counsellor has to cultivate to effectively influence change in a client. In the present day, counsellors are exposed to extremely diverse populations with an even more diversified set of needs. A counsellor who hones and builds the essential skills needed will make a successful practitioner. According to Girill, the basic counselling skills include connecting, observing, empathising and communication unbiasedly and neutrally with the client. On the other hand, effective communication skills in the counselling process involve mostly the active learning skills. To apply the active learning skills, the counsellor has to use the following skills on the client: attending skills (attending to their needs), following skills (follow their conversations and concerns), reflecting skills
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Theses sklls have to present in order to insure a proper session between counselros and clients. Every counselor should aqquire these certain counseling skills if they wish to be a successful and professional counselor. The communication and counselling skills presented should be used correctly by the proper professional and in the proper environments to finally ensure that the client comes out having been assisted to influence a positive change in their life. The counsellor has a huge role in influencing this change through the critical communication and counselling skills mentioned. To counter the communication barriers, the counsellor has to have a strong understanding of all the possible obstacles and barriers that may present themselves while having detailed knowledge of the solutions of said barriers. The counselor should also be retaining all the necessary information about open communication and counselling skills in order for them to properly utilize said communication and counselling skills eventually helping the counselor and client in meeting the general objectives of

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