Importance Of Communication In English Essay

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Effective communication in English is one of the most sought after skills in an employee at all work places. Interpersonal communication at workplaces includes public and small group communication through which they can communicate needs and requirements in different situations. It does not matter if they are laborer, salesperson, manager or something else. If you are a sales person, then most probably you will have to speak to customers efficiently or if you are a manager, you are expected to communicate in English in the most effective way. Besides speaking English properly among various business levels in an organization, one also needs self promotion. You can face enough difficulty in networking if you cannot communicate in English proficiently.

People will be happy to speak with us of any working related matters if found that we are fluent in their common used language. There are around 1 billion learners of the English language. This figure of people trying to learn English proves the growing need to comprehend and communicate in English. English has become the global language for communicating in all streams such as politics, finance, education, entertainment culture and international relations in almost every country of the world. Proficient English speaking skills can give great confidence and the ability to express ourselves in English at work. It gives added benefits and more opportunities to expand career prospects. A study indicates a solid growth in the number
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