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ABSTRACT: man is gregarious by nature and tends to live in a group. He has to be neither independent nor dependent but should be interdependent. So his existence or survival depends on fashioning his personality to fit into the environment. No longer does a man lead an insular, isolated and alienated life in the present context of emerging global scenario. Like the terse and apt remark of Socrates, one has to say “I am a citizen of the world”. Indian English comprises several dialects or varieties of English spoken primarily in India, and by first generation members of the Indian Diaspora. This dialect evolved during and after British colonial rule of India. English is co-official language of India, with about 90 million speakers, but with…show more content…
World population has been using English extensively. Communication is basically conversational in nature, where information is exchanged continuously between two or more person on the form of dialogue. The focus on communication skills is significant in the context of present day requirement in undergraduate courses in general English in Indian universities. It is suggested that the teachers make the classes as interactive as possible to fill gap between the students actual and the expected proficiency in English. The skills thus acquired in the class room will help the students in their higher education, careers and professions. A real teacher should promote learning and should focus on this promotion through a series of carefully designed activities and tasks. English is used and learnt all over the world not out any imposition but through the realization that it has certain inherent advantages. English has entered the fabric of India’s intellect and…show more content…
Radhakrishnan became an effective liaison officer between the East and the West and dispelled the not on of Rudyard Kipling that “East is East, West is West, and never shall the twain meet” with his dazzling eloquence he could enchant and mesmerize the intellectuals of the west. Moreover the great personality of Vedanta philosopher Swamy Vivekananda, who dispelled English language firstly, after familiarizing with English he could give an eloquent lecture in Chicago conference and he could also give valuable massages to the youth of this country. Some of the language zealots during post independence era have vociferously demanded for the removal of English and vigorously championed the use of the regional language. In our aggressive spirit of jingoism, we have ignored the relevance and utility of English. Slowly, we are able to recognize the supreme value and role of English in the matter of career opportunities, with the advent of computers, communication skills in English have become indispensable student of science and Technology seeking jobs or pursuing higher education are compelled to get through IELTS, TOEFL and allied examinations. Western countries and gulf countries are offering lucrative pay packages and necessarily the students are obliged to learn English, the global language. Even countries like China and Japan have

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