Importance Of Communication In Functional School Communication

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In the Functional School perspective, communication occurs in Xavier University (XU), my organization. In this perspective, the relationship between communication and XU may be conceptualized as communication taking place in XU and in turn XU as the site for communication to occur. Metaphorically, this perspective sees XU as something like a container and communication is what flows within the XU container. In this sense, we can also see how communication activities for the purpose of achieving XU’s mission and objectives are shaped by the structure of the organization where structure refers to the physical structure (e.g., workspaces) or logical structure (e.g., organizational hierarchy, policies and procedures) of the organization. In this containment relationship, XU is viewed as a structure that exists a priori and separate from communication and communication is considered organizational (i.e., referring to XU) only when it happens within this particular structure. As to what one can do, in this perspective, communication is all about transmitting information throughout the XU container or bureaucracy (i.e., in normal parlance). Communication is deemed successful or effective if the “right” information (i.e., usually based on the interpretation of management) gets to the right employees at the right time and the right manner. The fact that the information may be interpreted not the “right” way by the recipient employee is generally not of primary importance. For

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