Effective Inter-Professional Communication In Healthcare

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Cambridge dictionary defines communication as “the carious methods of sending information between people and places, especially phones, computers, radio, etc”. (2) The use of effective inter-professional communication is an essential part for delivering quality and effective care to the patients in a healthcare facility. Effective communication not being used between colleagues in a healthcare workplace can potentially cause patients to not receive the medical attention they deserve being in the care of health professionals. Staff members are also affected by the use of not giving accurate communication, this can cause them to not give the patient the care they wish to provide. The use of effective communication in a healthcare facility means the patients are receiving the best care they can receive from the healthcare staff. The benefits also…show more content…
The nurse’s role is to ensure the patients information is accurate if the patient is conscious and able to provide the nurse with the remaining necessary information. The nurse must keep the information and update throughout the patients stay, as to what medications he may be prescribed and the dosage of that medication. A nurse must also be able to effectively communicate the information that has been obtained to the doctor when required so the doctor can keep overlooking their patient as well as if the patient is required to undergo a surgical procedure. Each role in health professions has an important part in giving patients the best treatment they can receive when effective communication is used. Effective communication is necessary for the patients to receive the best care they can and to ensure all patients receive the same amount of

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